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Drone Design & System Development

Setting up a new system or refining your current smart drone system are pretty challenging, but Beehive Drones is here to be your reliable partner in realizing your vision.

We are offering end to end services to make sure that you get the correct drone design which will work in your preferred way. Our drone designer will listen to your needs and tailor made your drone, our software developers will combine the new system with your existing system, and we are there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Swarm Agriculture Drones

This is who we are from day one. Beehive Drones is a specialist in making ‘Swarm Agriculture Drones’.

We are capable to build drone with liquid sprayers and various high resolution cameras for agricultural works. Beehive Swarm Drones technology can dispatch several drones to work cooperatively at once depending on the magnitude of the request, which enables tasks to be done more effectively and efficiently. 

Combine Beehive Swarm Drones technology to do daily surveillance, pesticide spraying, multispectral analysis in your plantations? It will be done in no time, efficiently.

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Asset Tracking System

Keeping track of your assets in the field is a tiresome but important job. Beehive Drones with our Internet of Things team are ready to assist you with our Assets Tracking system.

Our Assets Tracking Systems are capable to track a big amount of moving assets such as cattle, trucks, barges, and domestic use boats.

We offer customization of system to suit your needs and to make sure our system can be deployed in your designated location.

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Internet of Things

As steadfast as our determination of bringing drones technology into the field of conventional industries, we also determined to harness the potential of the Internet of Things devices.

The possibilities of using IoT devices are vast and we like to keep it that way by providing customized designed for various industries ranging from agriculture to military.

Our IoT specialist team would be more than happy to provide you with expert consultation, feasibility analysis, and eventually making the actual IoT devices.

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